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Trivia Questions and Answers - why?

The main question is what do you want trivia questions and answers for?
If your looking for free trivia questions and answers, (and there are lots, look down the page a bit) to give your mates some stick at the pub. then the free trivia questions and answers are the way to go.

If your looking to run a trivia night for fund raising. then you really need a not more than just trivia questions and answers. especially the free trivia questions and answers. There is a lot more to having a successful trivia night than the questions. Have you considered other trivia games? other than just questions and answers? have you considered the type of people that will be attending your trivia night. are you better off with sports trivia questions, or trivia games?

Are you organizing a fund raiser for your local charity? you know who all the hard work is going to fall on? right?
There is heaps of things to organize to make the night successful, as we know if people have a fun and enjoyable night you always have a more profitable night, right?
Why not have a look around, there are heaps of great support products around, would you rather be doing up score sheets or getting everything else under control?
Isn't it great when people come up to you and say Thanks that was a fantastic night, I enjoyed myself very much. For a charity you can invest $10 with these guys, which will save you 10 times that in time. 1700 trivia questions and answers, support and tips to make a trivia night a success

Think about other things you can do to make your trivia night a success.
Like paper plane making.
Give every table a sheet of paper and the plan that flies the furthest wins.
It is a great ice breaker, and something to break the evening up and let people move about.
Think about how many questions you are going to have. Lots may seem like a good idea but it will take longer than you think to ask all those trivia questions and answers.
Make sure there is a good mix of trivia questions and answers, you want to mix it up as much as possible.
Make sure the trivia questions and answers cater for your audience.
consider games away from trivia, like toss a coin, closest to the bottle wins.
Make the trivia involve other things than just read out questions. Like music or sound.
Think of was to help promote the trivia night. think outside the box, but make the promotion appeal to your audience. Like a trivia game on the local radio. that will appear to trivia people and they are the ones that would enjoy a trivia night.
Make sure the rules are clear! people get pretty competitive and you don't want stand up arguments about some something to ruin your night.
have pencils not pens. it is easier for people to change the answer. and they are cheaper than pens, as I doubt you will get them all back.
decide on food and when to have it. a full course sit down meal may not be the best.
Get a compare. But make sure they are good, light hearted and entertaining. Pay someone if you have to. A professional presenter is much more fun than someone who struggles to speak in front of an audience.
rather than questions and answers consider visual as well as audio. images of people on a large screen. or parts of images of people that have to be identified. this is quite easy to do with pc's and projectors now days. BE WARNED make sure everyone can see the screen and test it before the night. and have a fall back set of trivia questions and answers in case something goes wrong. technology can do that.
Multi choice is much easier to mark. and gives people no idea with some chance.
teams are usually more fun and dynamic.
consider placing people into teams on the night. this forces people to mix and gives some competitiveness against friends and family that might otherwise be on the one table.
ALWAYS have a tie breaker question. or several. you will need to identifier the winner, a tie leaves the crowd let down.
consider a SMS txt comp, the first to text a mobile phone number wins. something a little different. if you have this question first you can also get people to turn the phones off after the question.
which brings up the point TURN MOBILE PHONES OFF. maybe deduct points for any ringing phones during the game.
consider a taste test. (watch out for people with allergies!! never use nuts!!)

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lots of trivia questions and answers here

this site has heaps and broken into sections as well.
really quite a good site for trivia questions and answers.

oh yes and they are free trivia questions and answers.

more trivia questions

more trivia questions and answers

this site is very annoying, it does have a heap of trivia questions and answers on it, but a pop up keeps coming up every time you look at the responses.

to be honest unless your really stuck for questions I'd give this site a miss.
annoying trivia site.

rather pay the $10 and get the kit from the one at the bottom than go through the close pop up every time I got a question.

a little more complex trivia questions and answers

this one is a little harder to navigate through, but there are lots of trivia questions and answers there. you just need to do some digging to get to them.
scroll to the bottom of the page for the
trivia questions and answers

Oh and yes these are also free trivia questions and answers

another 30-40 trivia questions

Yep another 30-40 trivia questions.
not the most that are around but another selection.


more trivia questions and answers

yes, I know but that is what this is about, trivia questions and answers.


not really that many there but there are some.

found another trivia question and answer site

I found another trivia question and answer site, again free.
there is quite a lot on this site, not sure how many but quite a lot.
all broken into sections as well.

has some ads in the middle which make it a little annoying. but the questions are still there.


another list of trivia questions and answers still free

here is another site that has trivia questions and answers, all free.
there is about 250 questions here, the music is a bit annoying but there is a pause button just under the title.

more trivia questions and answers

Moorequiz.com free trivia questions and answers

Check out the Moorequiz site it has heaps of great tips on trivia, especially trivia nights.

things like
make sure everyone knows the rules! and make sure the rules are well defined. people can get pretty competitive.
make sure all competition forms are filled out correctly, including names etc. this can be painful if it is not done right.
issue pencils and errasers as they are cheap and allow easy correction.
make sure it is know the judges decision is final.

10 questions per round , and 5 rounds. you would be surprized how long this might take.
use fun fillers to break the night up. like paper plane flying, all teams to submit 1 plane. the one that flys the furtherest wins.
toss a coin, closest to the prize wins, any coins tossed go to the charity

Free Trivia Questions - Fund raising idea
Free trivia questions

Free trivia answers

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Trivia Qestions and Answers

Well, lets start by saying I'm glad your here, I love Trivia. In fact my wife says I know way to much about nothing.

Lets see if we can help you out with getting some trivia questions and answers, as well as some new trivia games.

If your looking to host a trivia night you can't really go past these guys. I know it cost $10 but for a tenner that is something like 1700 questions and heaps of other helpful things like question sheets etc... Trivia Questions and Answers
Really if your about to hold a trivia night check it out. makes things a WHOLE lot easier